Oyabe City

Imaisurugimachi flourished as the castle town of Maeda Toshihide, nephew of Kaga clan lord Maeda Toshiie.
It developed as a post town on the Hokuriku Kaidō road, and also served accommodation and cargo transport roles.

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Imaisurugi Castle Ruins

Imaisurugi Castle was built by Maeda Toshiie as a battle base.
It is also well-known for flower viewing in spring, when 600 Yoshino cherry trees bloom profusely.

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Hanyu Gokoku Hachimangū Shrine

A historic shrine where Heian Period (794 to 1185) general Kiso Yoshinaka prayed for victory in battle.
Documents with connections to the Maeda Family are on display to the public in the shrine’s treasure house.

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Site of the Battle of Kurikara

Site of a key battle in the Genpei War, which took place at the end of the Heian Period (794 to 1185).
In spring, around 6,000 double‐flowered cherry trees are in full bloom, and visitors also enjoy the beautiful fall colors.

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Hongyōji Temple

Family temple of Maeda Toshihide, lord of Imaisurugi Castle and nephew of Maeda Toshiie.
Toshihide’s gorintō (five element pagoda) gravestone, a Oyabe City Designated Cultural Properties, and the portrait of Toshihide etc. are preserved as treasures of the temple.

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Mount Inaba

From an altitude of 346 meters, the summit observation platform provides sweeping views of the villages dotted around the Tonami Plain, the Tateyama Mountain Range, and out to Toyama Bay.
The petting zoo offers interactions with goats and rabbits.

Open : 9 am to 4 pm (April to November)
Closed : Mondays
Contact : Tel. 0766-67-5175

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Miyajima Gorge

The multiple waterfalls along the Konade River create a soothing atmosphere.
Stroll past the landmark 12 statues of Venus alongside the river while enjoying nature to the fullest.

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